Why Leizan Capital?

Why choose Leizan Capital

No Lock In

There is no lock-in period for member transaction’s principal

Low Threshold

Participate in international financial market transactions with only US$25

Transaction Insurance

Users can choose to buy Leizan Capital Insurance for Maximum Protection on trading principal

Segregated Account

Swiss bank segregated accounts, Ensure safety & transparency of customer funds

Leizan Academy

Professional training courses & National Trading Analyst Guidance

Leizan Capital Insurance

Customers who trade with Leizan Capital can purchase Leizan Capital Insurance to protect against losses.

If your principal is used up, the system will automatically credit you with up to 50% of your starting balance based on your insured amount!

Insure up to 50% of your account balance at anytime!

5% Insurance Fee for Extra 50% Trading Credits! 10x Protection!

Leizan Academy

Leizan Academy is a foreign exchange trading learning course academy created by Leizan Capital. It is mainly designed for all traders who want to get better at trading and gain wealth management skills.

The main content of Leizan  Academy’s courses include:

Foreign Exchange Introduction, Trading Guidance, Foreign Exchange Trading Technical Analysis, Forecasting And Foreign Exchange Trading Practical Exercises.

Leizan Academy has professional online courses and elite mentors globally to provide customers with the best quality course and services, aiding every investor in transforming themselves into trading experts.