Understanding Forex The Unlimited
Potential of
Foreign Exchange
Leizan Capital wishes to teach everyone the technical analysis of foreign exchange trading through our platform software and Leizan Academy.
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Leizan Capital was registered and established in the British Virgin Islands in 2020. It is a professional platform focusing on paired foreign exchange transactions.

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At Leizan Capital, customers can enjoy the highest service quality, continuous and reliable technical support, training and analysis of foreign exchange trading.
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Understanding Forex

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Foreign exchange abbreviation FX (Forex) refers to a means of payment expressed in foreign currencies, which can be used for international settlement. There are more than 60 currency combinations worldwide such as the British pound, the US dollar, the euro, the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar, and the Hong Kong dollar.

Why Forex?

The Unlimited Potential of Foreign Exchange

High Trading Volume

  • The New York Stock Exchange daily trading volume is 25 billion USD.

Market Capital Pool

  • The global foreign exchange market capital pool is more than 6 trillion US dollars.

Extreme Trading Volume

240x USD 25B
  • Daily foreign exchange trading volume is 240 times that of the New York Stock Exchange.

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